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Right to Earn Movement

Right to Earn Details
We believe that any business cannot grow until their people grow. Speed of growth of the people is the only parameter to measure the growth or strength of any business.?
We believe that any business has a growth limit up to the Dreams/Vision. So we believe in the magic Formula “Think Big- Dream Big-Go Small”.?
We believe Sabzilana.com cannot grow and achieve our dreams without our beloved costumers and we ever count our customer as a growth partner.
However we reached at the significant point through many struggles, obstacles, up gradations, and achievements and now we are ready to take off our dreams and export a brand new story from the precious ground of the Smart City Nagpur through its smart Citizens.
Here we are sharing our growth and profits with each of our customers registered with us.
Refer once and earn every day

1. Refer Sabzilana Services at your close Networks at maximum level. Connect your??*Friends *Relatives *Business Co-workers *Clients *Social Networks with Sabzilana.com
2. Your Registered Mobile No. is your referral code now.? You may collect Rs.50/- from your friend whom you want to connect with the Right to Earn movement. As you connect your friend through sign up the 50/- Rs. will be credited into their wallet. Your first Earning will start from here.
3. Get 3% instant cash credit upto lifetime on each n every purchase or repurchase by your referred friends using your referral code only “First Time” on the time of registration.
Means refer once and earn every day.

4. Motivate your friends to refer Sabzilana Services to their friends as you referred to them they will get 3% instant cash credit and you will get 1% on each n every purchase or repurchase by your referred friend’s friends.?

*Approx. 40 refers May free your Sabzi bills
*Approx. 10 refers by your 60 referred friends may free your entire Grocery bills
*Approx. 40 + 400+ 5 refers from your 445 down line members may Free your entire house hold expenses.
*Approx. 4000 down lines members may help you to plan your foreign trips every quarter.
*On 5th to 8th level you may have a Own luxury House and your dream SUV car

1. Use of the referral code is must on the time of registration of your referred "friends" Friends means not the customer himself with changed mobile nos or name with same Address.
2. All the cash benefits will be credited into your Sabzilana wallet, where you can use your earned cash in your own purchase at Sabzilana.com or you can request to transfer it into your bank account.
3. Bank transfer request will be proceeded on above Rs. 1000/- balance.?
4. Bank transfers will be initiated within 7 working days from request received.
5. Before bank transfer request you have to submit a cancelled cheque of the requested account along with your pan card/Aadharcard.
6. Refer benefit will be credited on Net Order value {Total order delivery value- Shipping/Bag charges-Return (if any)}
7. All the rights are reserved with Sabzilana.com management to amend the scheme and rates of referral benefits & continue or discontinue the same.
8. All the disputes or any legal matter will be under Nagpur jurisdiction only.